how to monitor and manage

energy efficiency in the workplace

You can’t manage something you haven’t measured. Ensuring you have energy efficiency in the workplace is essential in an environmentally conscious world.

There are many ways to cut back on the energy you use. Here at Smarter Services, we know what you need to do to get a firm grip on your energy efficiency.

Monitor to manage

The first plan of action is to take regular meter readings and compare your energy use to previous months. Making a note of your findings will give you an idea of where you can improve.

Keep in mind that:

  • Take the seasons into consideration when measuring the energy you use to heat the building. How cold has it been recently? The colder it is, the more heating you will use. So, you’ll know for future use that energy costs are likely to increase during the winter period.
  • Small changes can prove significant and often encourage big cost savings. Consider what equipment uses the most energy and whether you need to use them while the building is unoccupied. For example, make sure everything is switched off during non-working hours.

Using meters to your advantage

Whether you’re using advanced meters or smart meters, each can provide a measure of your energy use. Advanced meters can record how much energy is used every 30 minutes – which is ideal for analysing energy-use patterns throughout the day.

Smart meters give real-time readings and comparisons which instantly shows how much energy used. Readings are automatically sent to the supplier, meaning bills will always be accurate, and you can rejig your consumption to take full advantage of cost savings.

In an article from The Guardian, it’s expected that over the next ten years all businesses and homes will have a smart meter installed. Take the opportunity to get on board now and see your energy become more efficient as time goes on.

Inspect your areas

A detailed walk-round will open your eyes to how much energy you’re using. It is a great way to assess your energy efficiency because you will discover which processes are not sufficient in line with your energy goals and expectations.

Things to consider:

  • Have you had your heaters/boilers serviced in the last 12 months?
  • Are the timers working and on the correct settings?
  • Are the room thermostats working and at the right temperature?
  • Have there been complaints in regards to temperature?
  • Is exterior lighting switched off when not needed?
  • Are computers left on out of hours?
  • What is still switched on out of hours?
  • Enforce and encourage employee procedures

Are your employees aware of how much energy they are using while they are not in the building? An empty office with the lights still on and computers left on standby will drain your energy quicker than you may think. Making staff aware of the costly consequences and enforcing a power off policy is a straightforward yet often disregarded way to save power. Put up posters and reminders around the building to keep everyone motivated.

Switch on LED lighting

Lighting is one of the single most significant energy expenses that a business will come across. According to the Carbon Trust, lighting accounts for around 20% of the electricity used in the UK. If you’re still using incandescent or halogen light bulbs, it’s the perfect time to switch to LED lighting. LED light bulbs last much longer, all the while consuming far less energy than outdated bulbs.  

Flexible working – energy efficient

2018 saw a rise in the importance of offering flexible working. Allowing staff to work from home can both benefit the employee and can result in energy savings for the company. With fewer employees in the building, electricity, water and heating usage will decrease. While employees save time, money & Co2 emissions by cutting the commute.  

Don’t forget to recycle

As a business owner/Landlord/Facilities Manager, it is your responsibility to transform your building into an energy efficient, sustainable space that benefits you, your employees and the wider environment.  In our contract with Newlon Housing, we were able to reduce their annual expenditure on bulk waste collection from £45k to £25k, at the same time recycling on average 35% of the items collected. As landfill prices and taxes increase, there are substantial potential savings to be made all-round.

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We offer a zero-to-landfill waste disposal service, putting your non-recyclable waste to good use for generating electricity. 

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