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Keyworker housing & Property Management

We have extensive experience in property management for keyworker housing, including over 15 years of working within the NHS and an expanding relationship with A2Dominion. Our managers have knowledge in the particular needs of key worker housing and property management. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver regular turnarounds and large-scale deep-cleans, including student accommodation, all managed and self-delivered to very tight deadlines.

  • NHS and student turnarounds
  • Self-managed deep cleans
  • Keyworker-sensitive staff

Deep cleaning

Good planning is essential. We fully prepare our staff and ensure all consumables and equipment ready a week ahead of the start date. Dedicated managers will be on site throughout to ensure time keep and high standards maintained. Good communication is key. We have a dedicated manager to reduce pressure on housing management and to ensure our high standards are maintained throughout. With rigorous planning we can work to incredibly fast time-frames, for example:

Bellerby Court, Surrey University
138 units, each with six en suite rooms and kitchen. Turned round in a week.

Deans and Woodlands Court, Bristol
Turned round 356 units in five working days (deep cleaning, floor scrubbing, carpet cleaning and a full window clean). All done around painters and maintenance teams.

Erazmus Park, Winchester
190 units (full kitchen and en-suite room deep cleans) cleaned over a long weekend as they were only vacant Saturday to Wednesday.

No subcontracting

We have the scale and flexibility to mobilise a major amount of resource in a very short timeframe without subcontracting. This provides proper accountability, guarantees high standards and means you’re served by trusted, familiar faces.

Sensitivity trained staff

Having the right attitude and experience is essential in these sensitive areas, as staff will be entering people’s living spaces, turning around rooms or cleaning communal kitchens and bathrooms. We take great care to choose the right staff for these roles and to ensure they all have the relevant training. All staff have DBS checks and an introduction to the site ahead of their starting date. We have our own Bics assessor who will carry out the necessary cleaning-specific training on site and give toolbox talks to cleaners on issues pertinent to close communal living.

To find out more about our property management services for key worker housing call the Smarter Services team on 0207 112 8857.