Inhibit the spread of fire with

smarter firestopping

saving lives and containing damage

providing a full fire stop solution

Firestopping is inhibiting the spread of fire, heat, smoke and toxic fumes through buildings. It ensures that separate areas of the building have proper fire containment protection during construction. This can be completed retrospectively in existing buildings, by creating new (or restoring where possible) barriers back to their original integrity. We identify any vertical or horizontal holes, penetrations or gaps that could be a potential path for the spread of fire, heat, smoke or toxic fumes and ensure these are filled with the appropriate fireproof material. Firestopping can save lives as well as contain the damage done to buildings during a fire by slowing down and limiting its spread.

what can smarter services

do for you?

Smarter Services provide full fire safety services. All staff are accredited/certified by BMTrada and are NVQ Firestopping trained.
We complete full surveys in line with current regulation as appropriate:

  • New builds based on drawings
  • Existing buildings/conversions based on a site visit
  • Site surveys include full details, measurements, photos of each area requiring work with a unique ID so all work can be followed and recorded accurately
  • Quick response/delivery after each survey
  • Cost-effective solutions where work is required
  • Survey can be performed independent of any required work delivery
  • Provide advice on Firestopping compliance
  • Risk assessment of work required to aid prioritisation of any installation


  • Fire Collars
  • Fire Sleeves and Pathways
  • Pillows and Cushions
  • Firestop Coating Systems and Mortars
  • Intumescent Mastic Seals
  • Fire Sealant and Gap Fillers
  • Cavity Barriers
  • Fire Door Installation
  • Fire Door Maintenance
  • Fire Door Surveys
  • Fire Door Inspections

Installation of proposed solutions.

Smarter Services utilise Hilti products who have over 30 years of experience in providing internationally tested and approved Firestop systems. Smarter Services works directly with Hilti where bespoke solutions are required.

A summary of all works completed and the associated accreditation for each item of Firestopping is provided. This includes the provision of photo evidence of the work done, before and after, for full traceability along with associated QR codes of Firestopping products used.

Our fire safety audits will provide peace of mind.

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Smarter Services offer an integrated facility management service across the UK. To find out more call our facilities management team on 0207 112 8857.


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