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Flexible Facilities Management

The way we are all working is changing. Despite what Dolly Parton said, the office doesn’t operate on a 9-5 anymore. According to research, only 6% of us work that traditional shift pattern. So, there is an ever-increasing need for flexible facilities management so this is taken into account to avoid interrupting the working day.

The same theory applies to housing developments as well as office blocks. Flexible facilities management should fit around the lives of the residents so regular cleaning or one-off larger jobs can be taken care of when people are out and about.

Flexible facilities management means putting the needs of the companies and communities being supported first. So, here’s what to consider when finding the right facilities management firm to service your needs.

Around the clock

Life happens around the clock. No one has control over when a water pipe is going to play up, a window is going to be smashed or a load of rubbish is fly tipped on your premises. So, a flexible facilities management company needs to be around no matter what time of day or night it is.

Most firms worth their salt will turn up. But, surely you want to aim for the best. Look for those who go the extra mile to prioritise your problem above anything else. That’s something we do by default. There was one occasion when we left the comfort of our beds to clean up a stinking sewage leak … but that’s another story.

Alongside the regular services you need us for, we can also provide expert help on an ad-hoc basis too. So, if you suddenly discover a problem with your windows or you need a one-off specialist deep clean, this can all be booked in. It just means boosting up your regular services to include some lovely little extras. Plus, all of it will come under one simple invoice. We’re nice like that.

There when you need it and when you don’t

Facilities management is largely about what goes on behind the scenes. It can cover everything from vacuuming the carpet to replacing the supplies in the bathroom. This sort of job is only noticed if it’s not done. Don’t worry, we’re OK with playing the unsung hero role. But, that doesn’t stop these jobs from being an essential part of keeping your business or residential premises ticking over.

But, flexible facilities management is also about sorting out those big jobs when they arise. This covers a multitude of sins from graffiti to pest control. Bird control is one of the most popular flexible facilities management tasks with 60% of companies leaving it to the experts. Good decision. On the other hand, 85% of businesses are happy to look after tasks like replacing light bulbs or relamping by in-house staff. Fair enough, we can sleep easily knowing that. But, do shout if you need us.

The right flexible facilities management firm for you will be the ones which get the job done without intruding on either the professional or personal lives of those people they are there to help. But, it is also about having a team of friendly professionals who are only a phone call away. A team of professionals who show up on time, in branded kit and clothing and may even share a bit of banter with you while they are there. Sounds good doesn’t it?

In the event of an emergency

When the worst happens, you need to know you’re in safe hands to fix a problem, remove any safety concerns and get things back up and running as fast as possible. Some emergencies will need specialist assistance on site immediately. For others, we wait until the time is right for us to step in.

Whether it’s water gushing where it shouldn’t or an infestation of unwanted visitors, an action plan will be put into motion. Our team of experts will be on hand within a moment’s notice. We will assess the situation and get to work putting it right. Then, if possible, we will put measures in place to reduce the risk of it happening again. This could cover such things as fireproofing – which has been very much a topic for debate since the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Or, sorting out new pipework if that’s what’s needed too.

That’s what flexible facilities management is all about – present a problem that probably couldn’t have been predicted and we will sort it out. Flexible can mean a whole host of things – the time, the day, the job, the method, or even the approach.

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