How a Clean Workplace Will Improve

Employee Productivity

A clean and tidy workplace will improve employee productivity.

The standards of office cleanliness for a business can directly improve employee productivity, according to a study in the European Cleaning Journal. The appearance and general hygiene of an office environment can also contribute to the overall happiness and wellbeing of staff. So, employees benefit from much more job satisfaction when working in a clean environment. This means that they are likely to work faster and to a higher standard.

A business responsibility

As a business owner, your responsibility runs much further than just getting the job done. You need to look after your staff and employee wellbeing should be at the core of your operation. Despite this, according to the BMG’s March Employee Update, just 28% of employees surveyed said that their employer has a wellbeing strategy. Providing a clean working environment for your employees is a vital part of a wellbeing strategy. It can improve employee productivity by simply giving your staff a pleasant and positive environment to spend time in. So, you should not consider cleaning as a luxury expense but as an essential service that can add real value to your company.

The benefits for the business

Reduce absences

A dirty working environment breeds germs which leave employees prone to infection. It is a shocking fact that the average keyboard can gather up to 7,500 bacteria per swab at any one time. Sick days cost UK businesses a whopping £13.7 billion a year, which is the equivalent of the wages of 460,000 office workers. So, the cleaner your office is then the fewer germs there are around. This will no doubt improve employee productivity by reducing sickness rates.

Improve motivation and reduce stress

A cluttered work environment can result in a cluttered mind. Working in a clean and spacious environment should go a long way to satisfying your employees. A tidy workplace will help to boost staff morale and keep your teams motivated, even during busy or stressful periods. An organised environment simply makes it easier for workers to be more efficient by having everything they need to hand.

A professional approach

The internal perception of your company starts with your office’s appearance. Can you really expect your staff to be the driven and dedicated people that you want them to be when their workplace is a mess?. A clean and tidy workplace creates a professional atmosphere and demonstrates that you mean business, which will help to improve employee productivity.

Stress is one of the most common causes of long-term sickness absence, accounting for up to 40% of work-related illnesses. Keeping an office clean and in order can help to reduce stress levels. Chaos and filth in an office can actually increase stress levels under certain circumstances and could also create tension between staff members.

Company culture

If you have customers or clients visiting your office, you need to make a good first impression. The expression ‘never judge a book by its cover’ does not apply here. Your office environment should be as important as your product or service when considering the first impressions that clients or staff have of your business. A clean and tidy workplace will create that all-important professional impression to visitors.

Believe in statistics

A survey in Phil Reporter found that 88% of respondents said that productivity, concentration and learning are hampered by a dingy environment. Sensory distractions, such as clutter or foul smells, can negatively impact on a person’s focus in many ways. Cleanliness is key to improve employee productivity.

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