How Preventative Maintenance will Improve

Health and Safety in Facilities Management

We all know the old saying that prevention is better than cure. This can cover a whole host of circumstances. It is also very much the case when it comes to preventative maintenance.

Normal wear and tear impacts on the lifespan of the stuff around us. However, preventative maintenance is about getting the most out of the products and services which we use. That way, anything minor can be spotted and rectified before it becomes a major inconvenience.

Facilities management is no different. Regular reviews of your systems and space will ensure that everything is running and performing exactly how it should be. This significantly cuts the risk of problems when something goes wrong.

Here’s our guide on what preventative maintenance you should include in your regular facilities management schedule.

Preventative maintenance for fire safety

OK, this one is a bit of a no-brainer. It is obviously essential to ensure everything to do with fire risk and prevention is checked regularly so it kicks in should the worst happen. The law covering fire safety differs depending on whether your premises is being used for business or residential use. There are also extra things to consider for more specialist building uses, such as care homes or healthcare facilities.

When it comes to preventative maintenance, you should prioritise:

  • Safely storing and disposing of rubbish, including items that have been fly-tipped
  • Proper storage of anything potentially hazardous. This covers the obvious stuff like chemicals or cleaning products as well as large quantities of things like paper, which are highly flammable should anything spark.
  • Testing fire alarms, and ensuring fire equipment is fit for purpose including extinguishers and fire blankets

Keeping preventative maintenance clean

Health and safety starts with the most basic of measures. Business premises and communal areas of housing developments need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will keep germs at bay and prevent the spread of illnesses. The number of sick days people are taking from work is currently at its lowest ever level. So, we should all try and keep it that way.  

Periodic deep cleans are also required to prevent any problems in those hard-to-reach corners, nooks and crannies both indoors and outside. For many, this could include specialist services, such as office block or skyscraper exterior window cleaning, pressure washing, surface renovation and reconditioning.  This sort of preventative maintenance requires the experts to get the job done safely. Working at height was the most frequent cause of fatal accidents at work in 2017. So, there’s no point in taking any chances.

Keep the bugs at bay

Pest control is a growing problem. The British Pest Control Association says that the number of rats in the UK has recently increased to around 200 million. They carry disease as well as cause problems such as chewing through wires and pipes. This is not a nice thought, we know this. But, luckily, preventative maintenance can tackle this for you. Measures like those regular and deep cleans will help. Pest proof some areas, such as pigeon or seagull proofing, to keep areas clean too.

You also don’t have to wait until those telltale signs to appear before doing something about it. Encourage those using the commercial or residential building to:

  • Not leave pet food out overnight.
  • Deflea pets regularly
  • Never buy a second-hand bed
  • Rodent-proof any gaps which they could get in through, such as under a sink.
  • Do the washing up as soon as possible and put away any leftover food.
  • Check the spines of second-hand books, a favourite for bedbugs.
  • Keep your toaster in a cupboard when not in use.

If you spot a problem, call the experts immediately. A problem like this will not go away on its own – tackling it and implementing preventive maintenance is the only way forward.

As the scouts say, be prepared. Preventative maintenance is about tackling a problem before it arises. Not only does this prevent any issues, such as downtime, but it keeps everything and everyone happy and healthy too.  Plan, plan and plan again. Build a preventative maintenance schedule into your facilities management activity.

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