Top 5 Trends In

Facilities Management

Trends in facilities management industry are always changing.

Trends in facilities management at the moment are governed by tech. In this blog, we are sharing some of the most prominent trends of 2018 so far.

Analysing costs

Spend is a huge factor when it comes to managing some facilities at once. In Fact, analysing costs should be the first step to take. Taking time to report on repair and maintenance costs in all areas such as trades, locations, vendors and more can provide total clarity on your FM spend.

Once a company starts to analyse their costings, many will realise and ask themselves: ‘’Is this a reasonable spend?’’ How much are other companies spending? How does this compare to industry benchmarks? Analysing your spend against industry standards will encourage FM ’s to take more control of costs and focus on enhancing performance in the business.

Mobile access – the limit does not exist.

The constant use of mobile technology in the industry is transforming the quality of communication in facilities management companies. A swift evolution in mobile technology and mobile devices have developed global connectivity and can access data everywhere and almost anywhere.

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is a progressing trend in the rise of mobile FM software applications that offer facilities managers better flexibility and efficiency in daily operations. With such advancements, the opportunity to improve services on an expert level is within reach. There is enormous potential here!

Live consulting on the go.

Since they are always on the move, facility managers need to communicate with other staff at any moment in time. Access to mobile devices makes remote task management a more straightforward process. With mobile access available 24-7, calling, 4G use and the ability to share videos and images give staff the ability to consult live at any time to seek expertise while on the job.

This trend allows FM’s to limit mistakes, improving the overall work procedures and reducing costs.

Going green

With the expectation of better energy efficiency, it can be a struggle for FM’s to sustain a greener process with ongoing climate change struggles. Companies are already trying to make changes in site management to improve their operations.

Not keeping up with these challenges will result in some hefty consequences for the industry, eventually impacting the design of buildings, management and maintenance. Going green will soon become a requirement rather than an option, and businesses must ensure they are keeping track of new practices to keep a good reputation.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The ‘‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is making itself known to all aspects of our lives, especially in facilities management.  As the IoT becomes a big factor in the industry, equipment used in FM will eventually self-monitor themselves and let you know when they require maintenance.

This will allow FM’s to rely on their equipment to let them know when they need a service just through a device before problems occur that will negatively impact customer experiences. Work issues will be resolved before a business will even realise they need a repair.

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