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We can’t escape nature but birds can cause problems in facilities management. Make the smart choice when it comes to bird control services to rid your premises of mess and potential disease.

Providing bird control services

since 2005.

We know how to take care of this pesky problem quickly, efficiently and safely. As well as cleaning, we can provide bird-proofing so it doesn’t happen again. Our bird control services are ethically and responsibly driven to minimise any negative impact on wildlife or the environment.

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Bird control services include:

Bird Spikes

A quick and low-cost solution perfect for ledges, gutters, beams, pipes and signs. Fixed with screws, nails or silicone adhesive. Choose from polycarbonate with a 10-year guarantee, or stainless steel with a 12-year guarantee.


The super-thin twine comes in a variety of colours to blend into surroundings and keep birds at bay. Lasts for over 10 years with UV-stabilisation making it resistant to cracking in the sunlight.

Post & wire

This is the best option to minimise the visual impact that bird-proofing services can have on buildings. Discreet, flexible, low-cost and easily fitted for ledges, parapets, gutters and roof ridges.

Pest Control

Protect buildings or communal areas against the threat or damage caused by rodents and birds. Work is fully certified to BPCA (British Pest Control Association) standards.

Banish a bird control problem

The Smarter Services bird control services have been trusted for nearly two decades.
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