We are delighted to add to our accreditations with the BM TRADA Certification for Fire door installation and maintenance.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, known as the FSO or RRO, replaced over 70 pieces of fire safety law and came into force in 2006. In short, it details that fire door maintenance and assessment in the common parts of flats and houses of multiple occupations falls to the so-called ‘responsible person’.

As such, there are clear legal requirements for manufacturers of fire doors to demonstrate the ability of their products to resist the passage and spread of fire. However, if they are not properly installed, their fire resistance capabilities can be encumbered. 

BM TRADA is a UKAS accredited certification body that provides independent third-party certification fire services for manufacturing, installation and maintenance service for fire doors and a fire stopping installation certification scheme.  Their schemes aim to raise the ongoing standard of manufacture, installation and maintenance throughout the lifetime of fire doors ensuring the product’s fire resistance capabilities are maintained.

This includes:

FireStop with Smarter Services

Here at Smarter Services, we have been making progress to provide a certified One-Stop solution for the following services:

 Fire Door Installation – The BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Installation scheme:

On scheme for maintenance and inspection and one for installation i have provided the link for both…. has been designed to provide reassurance to specifiers, contractors and end users that the product they have chosen has been installed correctly and that it should perform as intended.

Fire Door Maintenance – There is a legal requirement for manufacturers of fire doors to demonstrate the ability of their products to resist the passage and spread of fire. However, if they are not properly maintained, their fire resistance capabilities can be seriously compromised. 

 Fire Stopping Installation – Where services such as water, gas, electrics or communications penetrate through a building’s fire-resistant compartment lines, it is vitally important to ensure that the hole is appropriately sealed with a suitable fire stopping solution.

 “Independent third-party certification is the highest form of endorsement a product or service can achieve and is being increasingly specified by architects, contractors, local authorities, facilities managers and procurement managers. At Smarter Services we are delighted that we can provide this certified One-Stop service to our customers”

Jason Southwell, Managing Director Smarter Services Ltd


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